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Stressed Out

I should be watching Lost and Alias right now. But, instead, I'm updating the blog.  Why? Well, while I was at work, my power went out.  I can't say when it went out or for how long it was out, but, I believe it came back on sometime around 5PM.  Problem is, when the power goes out, it erases the clock on the VCR, and the clock doesn't remember where it was when the power comes back on.  So, no clock, no timer, no recording my favorite shows.  Have to wait for the repeats, I guess.
On Monday, I start my tenure on the 5PM newscast.  I'm hoping it will be brief.  The ND hired a new producer, and she starts on Monday.  I'm assuming the ND will move her into the 5 & 5:30, but, if she's really good, I guess he could put her on the 6, and move some other people around.  As long as I'm not doing the 5, fine.
I've started delving into my taxes.  Things are a bit more complicated this year with the house.  I also have to deal with rollovers and things from switching my stuff to a new financial planner.  I have always done my own taxes, but this year, I may at least have to call on TurboTax for some help.  I'm not ready to admit defeat yet.

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