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Strange Day

A very interesting day at work.  An incident with the morning crew is the talk of the town - and that's not good.  What happened is the morning meteorologist and the female anchor got into it a little bit - on the air - about the anchor taking a lot of sick days to take care of her young children.  The anchor got so upset that she walked off the set during a commercial break and the rookie reporter had to step in!  He did well, but...  Both the met and the anchor should have known better than to do what they did.  Don't know what the fallout, if any, will be.  The met has already posted an apology on Talkback.  Hmmm.
In other news, tomorrow I will head toward Harrisburg to see my former ND.  He's having his annual barn party even though he's just finished a 6-week course of chemotherapy to treat stage 4 brain cancer.  It's not good.  A lot of people are coming in from all over to see him.  I just hope I don't say something stupid like, "How are you doing?"

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