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Sorry for the lack of updates.  There just hasn't been much going on lately that's seemed blog-worthy.  After all, two extra weeks of vacation is pretty hard to top!

So, here's what's been doin'.  On Saturday, I drove to Bloomsburg to meet a friend, see a movie and do dinner.  We saw "Baby Mama," which was on the predictable side but had lots of really funny moments.  One of the best was when one of the characters delivered a slam against the UNIVERSITY OF SCRANTON, a.k.a. "Da U."  The joke played on an unfair stereotype, but it was still funny.

After the movie, we went into town and had an early dinner at Russell's, where I enjoyed a glass of MAGIC HAT #9.  My friend and I also enjoyed watching all the kids come in for their pre-prom meal.  Judging by the prevalence of the color orange, I'm guessing that these kids were from a neighboring school district, but I wouldn't swear to that.  Anyway, we especially enjoyed marvelling over the dress code that, for the guys, included a tux and sneakers, a tux and a ball cap, or a tux with half of the dress shirt hanging out.  The girls generally favored brightly-colored cocktail-style dresses.  But, the one I noticed most wore a more traditional white gown that included a poofy skirt.  I noticed her not only because of the skirt - and because of her trepidation about sliding onto the bench behind the table - but also because of the wad of gum she was chewing!

On the work front, I'm looking ahead to next week when I'll return to producing the 11PM news for a few days.  I think I've only produced one newscast over the past four months or so, so I hope I remember everything I have to do.  My guess is that it won't be a problem.  At any rate, it's only for four days.  Then, I'll be off for 10!  Plenty of time to recover.

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