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Somethin's Brewin'

Well, it looks as though a deal that would keep people working at the (soon-to-be former) Rolling Rock Brewery in Latrobe is in the works.  It appears that InBev USA, which still owns the brewery, and the CITY BREWING COMPANY, of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, have signed a deal for exclusive negotiations.  The Governor's office also weighed in with THIS news release.  So, while it's not a done deal yet, things are looking good - or at least hopeful - for the brewery in Latrobe to remain open and for the 200+ people who work there to remain employed.

I've never heard of City Brewing Company before, but they appear to be very similar to YUENGLING, at least in terms of their original line of beers.  If you check out the company link above, you'll notice a link to a news release from the Brewers' Association.  Concerning American craft brewers, City Brewing is ranked no. 5, followed by Yuengling at 6.  Where they differ, I think, seems to be in terms of age - City Brewing has been around for less than 10 years - and in the fact that City Brewing also takes contracts from other companies - another article on the web site mentions Smirnoff Ice, for example.  So, if the deal with InBev goes through, I suppose there's no guarantee that City Brewing would actually brew its line of craft beers in Latrobe.  It could use the place to satisfy one or more of its contracts.  On the other hand, brewing the craft beers in PA might be a way to expand what appears to be a strong regional brand.

Remember, A-B plans to move production of Rolling Rock to NJ, starting Aug. 1.  Stay tuned.

Speaking of A-B, I just noticed THIS little blurb from Reuters, by way of Wonkette.  So, what's A_B going to do?  Buy some of the great PA wineries and start growing the grapes in NJ?   

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