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Sock It to Me!

Two interesting things happened yesterday.  First, I got my socks back!  It only took about three-months, but Rachel finally returned the socks she borrowed during the flood.
Then, the real shock happened.  The ND put out a note saying that the Asst. ND had decided to retire!  He'll be gone at the end of next month.  WOW!  Losing an EP and an Asst. ND in the same month. 
The Asst. ND has been at the station for 28 years.  A lot of what WNEP is, it is because of him.  I know that I learned a lot from him over the years.  He will definitely be missed.
What the ND will do now (and what it might mean for me), I don't know.  He's already talked to me about being "acting" EP, so I suppose that will still happen during the time between when the EP leaves and when the Asst. ND leaves.  After that?  Stay tuned.

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