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So Much for That

Remember my last entry where I bragged slightly about the Philadelphia Phillies' fine start to the season? Well, the gods of irony must have been listening because, fast forward a couple weeks, there's not much to brag about now.

21 games in, the Phils have a record of 12-9. That means they've gone 5-7 since I wrote about how well things were going. If I recall, the Philles lost the game they played the night I wrote the post. Tonight, they wrapped up a road trip with an improbable come-from-behind, extra-inning win against San Francisco. But, overall, the trip did not go very well. The team as a whole stopped hitting and even Roy Halladay suffered a loss.

The 12-9 record has the Phils in second place (a half game behind the hated Mets) and just one game ahead of the previously lowly Nationals. This is what happens when a team that relies on hitting stops hitting. Utley has been in a funk of late and Polanco has cooled off. But, they'll get it turned around and, hopefully, Rollins will be back soon.

Also expected back soon is closer Brad Lidge. The question is, will he be the Brad Lidge from 2008 or the one from 2009? If he's gonna be the one from 2009, the Phillies are gonna need another closer because Madson has shown that he's not up to the challenge.

Say what you want about the Phillies. They sure make things interesting.

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