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So Much for Suspense

So, I'm watching DEXTER last night, right?  We're down to the final few episodes of Season 3.  It actually started off kind of slow, but has picked up in the past few weeks as our Dexter became more and more involved with Miguel (Jimmy Smits), the dangerous A.D.A.

Anyway, last night's episode ended with Miguel in league with a creepy killer nicknamed "the Skinner."  And, said Skinner kidnapping our Dexter!  Tied him up and threw him in the trunk of a car to take him to a fate that we can very well imagine.  Could this be the end for Dexter?  I guess we'll have to tune in next week to find out.

Oh, wait!  No we won't have to tune in to find out.  Because right after the preview for next week, Mr. Voice came on and advertised an upcoming preview of Season 4!  So, I guess Dexter manages to escape from the Skinner.  Surprise!

Thanks for that, Mr. Voice.  Just ... thanks.  

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