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Slow News Day?

So, as I'm perusing the online pages of the local newspapers this morning, I come across the following article in the Times News:

Brother, Sister Cited Following Fight :  A Tamaqua brother and sister have both been cited by police following an incident in the borough on Dec. 21.  Officers responded to (street address omitted by me), Tamaqua, at 10:17 a.m. for a possible domestic incident. At the scene, they found Karen and Richard (last name omitted by me) involved in a fist fight. The brother and sister were fighting because Richard allegedly ate Karen's eggs. Both were cited for harassment.

Wow.  I would hate to see what happens if one drinks the other's beer.

The other thing about this story is that the incident occured on December 21st.  According to the newspaper's web site, the article appeared on December 27th.  I guess the editors were saving it for a really slow news day.

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