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Six Weeks of HELL!!!

Get ready.  Because now it's our turn.  After the VOTR primaries, it appears that we're pretty much back where we were.  Obama won Vermont.  Clinton won Ohio and Rhode Island.  As of this writing, Texas is too close to call - Clinton had a slim lead in the primary, and the early caucus numbers showed Obama in the lead. 

In summary, nothing much has changed.  At least not as far as the numbers go.  Obama still has a 120+ lead in pledged delgates.  But, Clinton stopped his winning steak and pulled out a fairly decisive win in the important state of Ohio.  So, there's no way she's quitting now.

The next big primary is ours on April 22nd.  Between now and then, there ain't much.  I think there's one on Saturday, and one on Tuesday.  Then nothing until us.  Five or six weeks where the candidates have no better place to be than Pennsylvania.  Five or six weeks during which you won't be able to turn on the TV without seeing an ad for or against one of the candidates.  Five or six weeks of pollsters calling you to find out what you think.

Get ready, 'cause here they come!

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