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Shape Up!

After a layoff of several months, I finally started going back to the gym this week.  Didn't go today (haircut - walked there), but lifted on Monday and did a little running on Tuesday.  I'm sore, but in a good way.
At work, we have a few teams taking part in a program called "Shape Up PA."  The idea is to lose weight through diet and exercise (duh!).  Hopefully, the program and the pressure of a team will help keep me motivated.
One Tree Hill is back with "fresh" episodes.  There are now two former Guiding Light actors on the show.  One is Joy Lenz.  She used to play Michelle on GL. Now she's married teen music star wannabe Haley on OTH.  The other former GLer is Lindsey McKeon. She used to play Marah on the soap.  Now she's showed up on OTH as Haley's older sister, who, BTW, had sex with Haley's present husband before he met Haley.  As I mentioned in an earlier entry, the show bears practically no resemblance to real life, but it has cool music, pretty people, and it's good to see two actors from my favorite soap doing well.  

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