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Say What?!?

So, occasionally, while I'm at work, I'll phone home to check my messages.  I did as much today and was treated to a garbled message from a man whose voice I did not recognize.  Now, the quality of my answering machine is not great, but I thought I heard him say that his name was "Steve" and that he would be coming over soon.  I even listened to it again, and it still sounded like " there soon."

I do know a Steve or two, but none who would be likely to leave a message on my answering machine let alone stop at my house.  So, I figured I must have heard it wrong.  I also figured it was a wrong number, but, you know, I wanted to know what he said!

When I got home, I listened to the message again.  Since I was standing right in front of the machine, it sounded a little clearer.  But, the man spoke very quickly, and all I could make out was something like, "Hey, man, talkingveryfastcantunderstanditall, I'll be over to pick up the mattress."

What?  Some guy I don't know is calling to tell me that he's coming to pick up my mattress? 

Look, I understand that it's possible to dial a wrong number.  What I don't understand is people who dial my number by mistake and then, when they get my answering machine, somehow miss the part where I say "This is Jennifer" and go ahead and leave a message that's clearly intended for someone else and which threatens to leave me without a mattress.  Some people just don't listen.

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