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Random Thoughts

I've been thinking about posting for a while, but never seemed motivated by one particular thought. I guess I have now compiled enough particular thoughts to make posting worth the effort. So, in no particular order:

  • I kinda feel bad for the Mets and their fans that it was Eric Bruntlett who saved the game for the Phillies by turning an unassisted triple play. Utley or Rollins I could see. But, Bruntlett? Well, at least it's another win for the Phightin' Phils.

  • I don't feel bad at all for former Luzerne County judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan. The federal judge who rejected their plea agreements on the grounds that they were not taking responsibility for their actions has now rejected their appeal to reconsider the initial rejection. What did they not understand about taking responsibility?

  • Speaking of responsibility, are there are any responsible people in Harrisburg? Anyone at all? We're now going on eight weeks without a state budget - and the alleged negotiators aren't even negotiating! That's ridiculous. Any incumbent lawmakers who manage to make it through to the November ballot will not be getting my vote.

  • Staying with politics, all this talk about health care reform is making me sick. There's no sense getting worked up about it because here's how it's going to go: Congress will pass and Obama will sign some sort of watered-down watered-down plan that really won't reform much at all. But, it will at least get the ball rolling and open the door for real reform when - shocker - the initial bill turns out not to do enough.

  • Cliff Lee is a stud and Ruben Amaro Jr. is a genius. Amaro basically traded four average minor leaguers for an ace pitcher and a decent bench player. For once, the Phillies definitely got more than they gave up.

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