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Puppy Tales

The evil Chrissy has come and gone.  For the past nine days, my parents' Scottie stayed with KT and me.  For the first week, everything went OK.  But then, on Sunday morning, I heard grrrr, grrr, grrr coming from the dining room.  Chrissy was going after KT.  I separated them and took KT up to the bedroom, where I realized she had a bloody nose! Chrissy was ignored the rest of the day, while KT recovered.  The evil Chrissy is now back where she belongs.
About 6-weeks on the diet, and I've lost 6 pounds.  And that's without going to the gym.  I think I'll have to quit NutriSystem after this month.  I need to start saving money for the wintger heating bills!  But, I will try to keep up with the healthier menu and smaller portions. 
Next Monday I start working on elections.  Yuk.

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