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Progress Report

My return to college is now in its third week and, so far, so good.  I have taken two quizzes on line, submitted three chapter summaries, and taken part in some online discussions.  Next week, I will present a PowerPoint presentation concerning eBay.  Never mind the fact that, up until a couple weeks ago, I didn't know how to use PowerPoint and I didn't know much about eBay.  The class instructor pegged me as a "good student" and asked me to do the first presentation for the class.  So, one recent weekend, I taught myself the basics of PowerPoint and learned the basics of eBay.

Now, I have created a presentation which I will present to the class on Tuesday.  For my part, I find eBay a fascinating company even though I'm not particularly interested in buying anything or selling anything.  EBay itself is a good story.

In addition to classwork, I have also begun tutoring.  I have one student on Tuesdays and I just picked up another one on Thursdays.  It doesn't pay a lot, but it should earn me maybe enough cash to cover the cost of the course.  We'll see.

That's all for now.  Time to take another online quiz.   

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