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Postgame Report

The NBA finals have finally ended.  Thanks to D Wade (no relation) and company for wrapping it up in 6 games and saving the night crew from yet another even late night.

As I've said, I'm no fan of the NBA, but the worst part of last night's game had to be the post-game interviews.  Dan Patrick handled the trophy presentation and talked to the owner of the Heat, Pat Riley, Shaq, and D Wade.  At one point, Patrick asked Riley a question (can't remember what it was - maybe "What did you tell the team when they were two games down?" or something).  Anyway, Riley gave a non-answer answer, choosing instead to talk about the greatness of his team.  So, Patrick then asked the question AGAIN, forcing Riley to give his non-answer answer all over again.  After that, I half expected Patrick to ask Shaq if he had a message for Kobe!

Anyway, just when you thought those were about the lamest interviews ever, let's go to Stuart Scott with the coach of the Mavs. Scott STARTS by saying to the coach, "You picked a bad time to lose four in a row.  What went wrong?"  Well, how about that question, for starters.  Sheesh!  I thought the coach handled it as best he could.  Unfortunately, all we in the control room could do was sit there and watch until it was over.

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