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Political Roundup

First, an update on the 3rd Congressional District race in Kansas.  I'm following that one because one of my high school classmates is in it.  On Tuesday, my friend defeated three other candidates to win the GOP nomination.  He had more than 50% of the vote.  So, now he's on to November against the Democratic candidate, who happens to be the four-term incumbent.  Stay tuned.

Secondly, the race for the 10th Congressional District here in PA is now creeping into my home life.  I actually thought I lived in the 11th District, so I was surprised when, on Tuesday, I received a message on my answering machine regarding Rep. Don Sherwood (R-10th).  So, I did some checking and discovered that I do, in fact, live in the 10th District.  I expect that I can expect a lot more calls like this:

VOICE ON PHONE: Don Sherwood says he's helped (x number of) seniors get (some sort of medical coverage) through (some program or other).  Let me tell you what Don Sherwood has really done.

At that point, mostly because I didn't think this race concerned me, I pushed the "delete" button and erased the message.  Now I have to wait for another phone call to find out what Don Sherwood has really done.  My guess is that the phone will ring any minute now.    

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