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Paul '08???

Imagine there's an x-y coordinate plane, but there are no numbers.  Instead, x is a measure of your economic tendencies, and the farther right you are, the more conservative you are.  The y-axis is a measure of your social views, and the higher you go, the more liberal/progressive you are.

Now, let's say that you are asked a series of questions.  And, let's say that they are the same 36 questions contained in THIS quiz.  It's a quiz designed to help you determine which of the presidential candidates is most likely to share your views.

Furthermore, let's say that you answered the questions exactly as I did.  At the end of the quiz, the aforementioned x-y coordinate plane would be revealed, and there would be an oval that's mostly located in the upper right quadrant.  Meaning that you - like me - are a social progressive, but are moderate or conservative on economic issues.

It will also be revealed that, based on your answers, RON PAUL (R-Tx) is the presidential candidate for you!  And me!  At last check, he had 42 delegates, a fair amount of buzz, and no chance in hell of winning the GOP nomination.

You will also learn that another Republican, MIKE HUCKABEE, is the candidate least likely to share your views.  And mine.

I can't speak for you.  But, after the quiz, here's where I stand:

  • Surprised that I have anything at all in common with Ron Paul
  • Not surprised that I have nothing in common with Mike Huckabee
  • Happy that I don't have to vote for either one

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