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Paris, Paris, Paris

You'd think that with the Hilton family fortune behind her, not to mention her own up and coming career as a recording artist, that Paris Hilton could manage to scrounge up a few dollars to buy some food.  Or, perhaps one of her fabulously wealthy friends would be kind enough to loan her some cash.  Or, better yet, they might say, "Just put it on my tab."

But, no.  Apparently, none of that happened.  Paris chose to spend her money on a margarita - just one, mind you - and ended up getting busted for DUI.  According to police, Paris was "driving erratically."  She says she was more tired than drunk, and was stopped for speeding while on her way to get some food in her system.  Whatever.

According to her spokesman, Paris got up very early Wednesday morning - 2 or 3 a.m. early - to go work on her new music video.  She apparently ate nothing all day, but did drink the single aforementioned margarita. Then, at 12:30 the following morning, she got pulled over by the LAPD.  

I just can't believe that somewhere in those 20+ hours between the time she got up and the time she got stopped, that she didn't have access to some sort of food.  There must have been something on the set of the music video.  If nothing else, she should have at least had some nachos along with her margarita. 

Sounds like Paris needs to use some of her celebrity star power to demand a lunch break.


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