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Out with the Old

Today is the day.  After months of planning, the long-awaited bathroom remodeling project is about to begin.  I expect the contractor here shortly, so this entry will have to be short.

In brief, today is the beginning of the end for a decor that can only be described as "post-flood Seventies."  By that, I mean that when Agnes flooded the Wyoming Valley in 1972, the house I live in took a pretty good whack.  I have a feeling that the former owners spent a fair amount of money to redo the home - and didn't do a heckuva lot after that.

When I bought the house, there was one kind of wallpaper in the living room/dining room, another kind along the stairway, and a third kind in the kitchen.  None of it coordinated very well.

In the bathroom, the mustard yellow color that was so popular during the Seventies prevailed.  But, the wallpaper is pinkish and the vanity is a dark brown.  The toilet (which I have been told was the "Cadillac" of its day) is now so old that it's hard to get parts for it, and the latest repair job left some lingering problems.  In short, it's all got to go.

I have added some pictures so you can see just what "post-flood Seventies" looks like.



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