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One Tree Hill

Don't ask me why, but I've made a habit out of watching the WB show "One Tree Hill."  I caught up with the first season during summer reruns and have continued watching into season two.
The show centers on a group of cool kids at Tree Hill HS (set in North Carolina) and their various loves and crises.  There are few authority figures and the ones there are have just as many issues as the kids.  The kids should have all flunked out of school by now.  Only one made any attempts at pretending to study, but she's married now and pursuing a music career.  
If you like realism in your teen dramas, you won't find it here.  The actors don't even look like they could still be in high school (maybe that's why they rarely shoot scenes in the classroom).  
However, the show does have some really cool music.  I like the theme song, and there's a lot of good stuff within the show, too. 

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