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One of Them

Not quite 24 hours ago, I officially became one of "them."  Oh, you know who they are.  "They" are the people who drive for miles and miles in a straight line - all while a turn signal blinks merrily away.

I hang my head in shame, for I am now one of "them."

To be fair, I don't know how it happened.  I'm actually pretty much convinced that it was an accident and, therefore, I can't really be held accountable.  I mean, if I didn't know that I turned on the turn signal, how would I know that I needed to turn it off?

Anyway, here's how I suspect that it happened.  I was stopped at the light on River Street in W-B, just before the hospital.  I was about two or three cars back.  In the rearview mirror, I saw an ambulance coming up from behind.  When the light changed, I pulled off onto the curb to let the ambulance pass.  I either intentionally put on the right turn signal to let the driver behind me know what I was doing.  Or, I inadvertantly hit the signal as I maneuvered onto the curb.  I tend to believe the latter because I don't recall doing the former.  If I actually had turned the turn signal on on purpose, I would have managed to turn it off before approximately three miles had passed.  I'm SURE I would have.  Wouldn't I?

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