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OK, This is Weird

Fifth foot in shoe washes ashore in Canada

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 17 (UPI) --

Canadian police in British Columbia were examining the fifth human foot, clad in a running shoe, found washed ashore from the Pacific Ocean in months.

The discovery of the left foot was made by a couple walking the beach on Westham Island Monday morning about 12 miles south of Vancouver, the National Post reported.

Investigators with the Delta Police criminal investigation section are working with the British Columbia Coroners Service and other forces to see if it is linked to the previous four cases, the Globe and Mail reported.

The previous four finds had been right feet in sneakers, found within about 60 miles of each other and none appeared to have been forcibly severed from legs, the Post said.

The provincial coroner's office hasn't been able to match DNA from the first three feet to missing persons reports in the province, the Post said.

Before Monday, the last foot was found May 22, a was found on an uninhabited piece of land less than 1 mile from Westham Island, the reports said.

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