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Nothing's Ever Easy, Is It?

Ya know, you try to be effiicient.  You try to do the right thing in a timely manner.  You try to take care of business.  And, life just laughs in your face, doesn't it?

For example.  Yesterday, I filed the last of my tax returns.  Or, rather, I should say, I filed the last of my amended tax returns.  I actually filed the original returns about two weeks ago.  But, no sooner had I done that, than I found out that SOMEONE had asked for (and been granted) a two-week extension to send out a certain form.  Said form arrived a few days later, and I amended the returns as necessary.  Not major changes, but enough to be an annoyance.

Ummm, in the future, if you can't send out the actual forms by the end of January, how about the letters saying you can't send out the forms?  Can they at least be sent out by the end of January?

Another example.  One week ago today, I finished digging out from the Valentine's storm.  I figure it took me a total of seven or eight hours of shoveling over a three day stretch to clear off the sidewalk, the porch steps and the driveway.  Everything was great - until a couple days ago.  We had some warmer weather, and the melting process sent the snow from the little roof over my front porch crashing down onto the steps and the sidewalk.  Of course, all this happened while I was at work.  So, by the time I got home (after midnight), the temperature had dropped and the chuncks of fallen snow and ice had frozen to the steps and the sidewalk.  That's where they are now, so I guess I will try to get that cleared off today - so things will be ready for whatever snow and ice comes tomorrow night. 

The fun around here just never stops.

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