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Nap Time

I managed to survive my stint on the weekend morning show.  The hardest part was trying to stay awake.  Even though I had Friday off, I didn't get much sleep before I had to go in to work that night.  Then, when I got home on Saturday morning, I again couldn't get much sleep.  I figure I had maybe six or seven hours for the whole weekend.  I finally had some decent rest Sunday night, and I may take another nap shortly.  Let's hope I don't have to work that shift again for a LONG time!
Had a little bit of excitement in the neighborhood last night.  Fire trucks and an ambulance showed up around 10:15.  I went out to see what was up, and met some of the neighbors.  The problem seemed to be at the house on the corner.  The neighbors said it was a group home for people with emotional problems.  I never knew that.  Anyway, the problem didn't seem to be that big (no smoke or flames that I could see).  I finally asked one of the fire guys what the call was for, and he said a smell of smoke.  After that, I lost interest, and the crews left about 20-minutes later.
One more note, after two-weeks on the diet, I've lost about three pounds.

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