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Name That Tune (Again)

Because there's no baseball worth talking about, let's see if we can't track down another one of my mystery songs.  At last check, there were still three songs with unidentified artists.

Today's candidate is a ballad called, as best as I can tell, "No Other Love."  My best guess is that it dates back to the mid-80s, likely 1986 or 1987, and may have enjoyed limited airplay in the UK.  I'm guessing that because the song is on a tape that's filled with songs I recorded off the radio during that time period.  On this tape, if you must know, it's sandwiched between "Forbidden Love" by The Communards and "Everything I Own" by Boy George.  (I know - it was the 80s, OK???)

"No Other Love" would seem to be in the R& B/Soul genre, sung by a man (with female support on the chorus), and with lyrics as follows:

No other love can break my heart
No other love can you set my soul on fire
No other love can break my heart
No other love can you set my soul on fire

(man) Last night, dreamin' 'bout my babe
I just ....
I ......
Surely break us apart


(man) I travel all day to see my baby
The city that you live in, so far away
I ....  
Surely break us apart


Baby, you know I love you, girl
I'll do anything you want me to do
(there's more, but this is the general jist)

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