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Name That Tune

I'm sitting here listening via the Internet to my favorite local college radio station.  I'm hoping to hear a certain song so that I can see what it's called and who sings it.  I have no idea because, over the summer, the station seems to mostly just play songs without any DJ interruption.  Not that that's a bad thing, but it does make it difficult to determine who's who and what's what.  For example, it took watching my least favorite show,"The View," to learn who sings THIS song.  The sacrifices I make for music!

Anyway, the song I'm interested in is, I'm pretty sure, about somebody's funeral.  The funeral of someone who committed suicide or otherwise died young.  The lyrics mention something about a photo hanging over the ocean and not having seen you in ages.  Then, everyone's in church, I think.  The song has a sound and vibe rather like this one from Cousteau.  But, it's not them.  I don't think.

***UPDATE:  Right after I posted this - seriously, right after - I went back to the internet station and the song was playing!  It's called "Gather to the Chapel" by Liam Finn.  And, yes, it has to do with suicide - the drummer from Crowded House.  The connection is Liam's dad, Neil Finn, who formed Split Enz and then Crowded House.  It seems like the song has actually been out for a year or so ... 

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