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Mummy Wrap Up

This is the way my life works. I wait and wait and then, no sooner do I finally act, then the situation changes.

Such is the case with our mummy case in Bradford County. I posted the first entry a couple of weeks after the story broke. I waited about a month to post an update. No sooner do I post that update, then there's an update to the update.

The update is this. A couple days ago, well past the original July 9 deadline mentioned in a news release along the way, authorities finally filed charges in the case. And very anticlimactic charges at that.

 In short, the only person charged in the case is a 62-year-old neighbor of the 91-year-old woman. The neighbor admits that he dug up the body of the woman's twin sister last year. For his trouble, he is now facing a misdemeanor charge of abuse of a corpse and a summary charge of digging up a body. For charges such as these, it's appropriate to let the offending party know about the offense(s) through the mail. Then, he'll probably go to a magistrate's office and pay a fine.

A news release sent out by police mentions that they also know who dug up the body of the elderly woman's husband. But, because that episode happened more than 10 years ago, the staute of limitations has run out and no charges will be filed.

It also seems unlikely that the elderly woman will face any charges. I get the feeling that no one really has the heart for that.

So, it looks as though the case of the mummified remains is a wrap.

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