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Money Matters

Along with the first two Christmas cards of the season, today's mail brought some financially-related material.

I received a check from my mortgage company.  Seems I paid a little bit too much into my escrow account so I get some cash back.  I already know where I'm going to spend that, though the tax situation in Luzerne County makes me wonder if I should.  Whatever.  I'm gonna spend it.

I also received a renewal notice for the mine subsidence insurance on my house.  Believe this - the rates actually went down!  So, I signed up for a little more insurance at a price less than what I paid this past year.

Then came the statements from my investments.  I pretty much knew what to expect from my stock fund, but I looked anyway.  Down about 30-40% for the year so far.  Ugh.  But, on the positive side, I did earn about $0.21 in interest on my cash account this past month.  That's some real money right there.  Yessirree.  Real money. 

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