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Maybe It's the Yoga

Here it is less than 48 hours from a mid-term, my 401K is in the crapper, and the county where I live is making NATIONAL HEADLINES for all the wrong reasons.  Yet, what am I doing?  I'm sitting in my home office, tapping my fingernails on the desk as I ponder the points I plan to make.

Yeah, you heard right.  I have fingernails!  Fingernails that are long enough for tapping.  And, strangely, despite all the stressful things going on right how, I have not chewed these new-found nails down to nubs.

People, this is big.  I can't really explain why or how these nails got to be as long as they currently are - which is long enough to have a manicure if I were so inclined - which I'm not - yet - but, here they are.  Fingernails.  Ten of 'em.

It would appear that I have finally broken a habit that, I'm guessing, has been a habit for me for approximately 37 years.

It's not like I never tried to break the habit before.  I did.  Many times.  I tried wearing gloves.  I tried using that stuff that tastes terrible.  I tried sheer willpower.  None of it worked - not for very long anyway. When the nails did manage to grow, they were usually so brittle that they soon broke. And, then I had to bite them to keep them from breaking even more.  You know how it is.

But, this time, it appears that I have broken the habit with no conscious effort at all.  I wasn't even aware that I had stopped biting my fingernails until the day I noticed that I actually had fingernails.  And, try as I might to break them, these current nails seem to be rather sturdy.

So, what gives?  I don't know.  Maybe it's the yoga.

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