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Makin' Copies!

I have just finished sorting out my 2007 taxes.  I will get some money back from the Feds but, because I sold some stock to pay for the much talked about BATHROOM PROJECT, I'll have to use about half of that refund to pay state and local taxes.  Another issue with the local taxes is that not enough was being taken out at work - something got messed up when the station was sold and, since May, they had been taking out only about half of what they should.  I can't argue that I was particularly observant about it, though, because I didn't notice the discrepancy until earlier this year when the W-2s came out.

Anyway, it's all sorted out now and, as soon as I get my refund, I'll pay the other ones.  Of course, with the local taxes, I have to send in copies of all my 1099s.  In the past, I usually took them to work and made copies there.  But, no more!  I now have my very own copy machine!

Over the weekend, I bought a new printer for my computer.  It's actually a printer/scanner/copier.  So, not only can I make copies, but I hope that I will also be able to scan and preserve all the photos that were damaged in the Great Moving Van Fire of '03

Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with my old printer except that it is not totally compatible with Windows Vista. The printer still worked with Vista, but the diagnostic tools were not available.  So, if and when I ran out of ink, it wouldn't be possible to properly align the new cartridges.  So, I figured I better get a new printer before the ink in the old one ran out.

I set up the new one yesterday and so far, so good.

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