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Lower than Low

I'd like you to meet the children.  Not my children, of course.  I don't have any.  But, if you like, I could make some up.  I mean, that's what a woman in Wilkes-Barre did - allegedly, of course.  According to prosecutors, she invented more than a dozen sick children so that she could rip off a charity.

Here's basically what she's accused of doing.  For years, she ran the Make-a-Wish chapter in NEPA.  (In case you don't know, Make-a-Wish raises money so that terminally ill children can have at least one wish fulfilled in their lives).  Well, this woman apparently wasn't satisfied with helping out the real sick children.  She allegedly invented sick children - making up names, forging signatures - and then bought stuff for herself using money that was meant for them!  This supposedly went on for about 9 years, with her making up about 2 kids a year.  Back in December, cops raided her house and carted out everything from TV's to a hot tub!  The charges finally came yesterday, and we had a nice long shot of the perp walk as police hauled this woman (who is short and fat like a troll!) off to jail.  

After so many years in the biz, I've seen and heard people do a lot of sick, slimy things - abusing children, abandoning puppies, living in filth, murdering.  And, after so many years in the biz, not much of it gets to me; not much of it surprises me. In general, I've come to expect people to behave at the level of the lowest common denominator.  I'm often more surprised when someone goes out of their way to help others.  But, this woman, oooooh.  This one got to me.  She is going right to hell, maybe even below hell, if that's possible.  I certainly hope it is.

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