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Lightning Crashes

Yesterday, the "big" story was the break-up of an alleged terror plot to blow up planes headed from the UK to the US.  So, I suppose it's appropriate that on the way home, I heard the song "Lightning Crashes" on the radio.  Appropriate because that song always makes me think of terrorism.

It goes back to 1995, when the band Live (from York PA, BTW) was very hot.  "Lightning Crashes" was one of several hits from Live's "Throwing Copper" CD, and was all over the radio.  When the Oklahoma City bombing happened, someone mixed audio from news reports in with the song, and the mix got a lot of airplay.  So now, everytime I hear the original song, I think of the bombing.

I've been looking for an mp3 of the mix somewhere on the web, but haven't managed to find it yet.

Mix or no mix, "Lightning Crashes" is still a great song.

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