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Lady Macbeth Strikes

Yesterday, I returned from a sojourn to my ALMA MATER, checked my email, and learned that NORMAN MAILER had died.  He was the top pick - worth 20 points -  on my death pool list, plus I received another 7 points for being the only player to pick him.  So, about 2 weeks into the game, I'm in the lead with 27 points.  I can't really call it winning, because, well, in the end, the winner won't actually win anything.  But, that's neither here nor there.  What counts is Lady Macbeth in the lead!

The ethically murky waters of this death pool are different than the pool I played in before.  In this one, we get to replace people who pass on.  So, Lady Macbeth now has her sights set on the following: 

20Norman Mailer (d. Nov. 10, 2007)
20.  Ray Bradbury
19.  Nancy Reagan
18.  Betty Ford
17.  Kirk Douglas
16.  Fidel CAstro
15.  Ariel Sharon
14.  Muhammad Ali
13.  Billy Graham
12.  Louis Farrakhan
11.  Mark Felt ("Deep Throat")
10.  George H.W. Bush
9.  Ernest Borgnine
8.  Olivia de Havilland
7.  Eli  Wallach
6.  Abe Vigoda
5.  Mickey Rooney
4.  Alan Greenspan
3.  Phyllis Diller
2.  John Wooden
1.  Jerry Lewis

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