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Just When You Thought ...

... that maybe I had given up on this blog thing comes a sign that, no, I have not.

For me, the sign came this morning in the form of an AP article stating that Pennsylvania is planning another run at putting tolls on Interstate 80.

If you recall, the idea first surfaced a couple years ago during budget negotiations (which did NOT drag on for 101 days, BTW). The big picture involved generating billions in revenue by a) leasing the Turnpike to a private company and/or b) allowing the Turnpike Commission to turn Interstate 80 into a toll road.

So far, neither scenario has come to pass. A Spanish-led consortium tried to lease the turnpike, but lawmakers didn't think they were offering enough money. And, the feds put the kibosh on the I-80 plan.

Now, according to this latest AP article, the Turnpike Commission plans to present the feds with new evidence that tolling 80 should be allowed. I don't know what that new evidence is, but I suppose we'll find out shortly.

At any rate, I'll believe there will be tolls on I-80 when I see construction start on the toll booths.

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