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Just a Few More Hours ...

and then it will all be over.  I spent the day at work doing my best to finalize arrangements for our primary election coverage.  Of course, in keeping with my poor sense of timing of late, there was a phone call from work on the way home and an email from work waiting for me when I got here!  Anyway, I've done about all I can do.  Now it's up to the News Gods to let it happen as I hope it will - or to totally screw it up.

I think I will be glad when this primary is over.  I have a candidate I'm rooting for, but I decided to keep my registration as an Independent.  So, since I can't legally vote, I don't really have a horse in this race.  Or, in any of the very few contested races that are out there.  Still, it's been rather exhausting watching it all unfold, listening to all the talk, getting spun right 'round like a record, baby ...  


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