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It's Finally Over

Now that it's late November, I hope things can finally start getting back to normal.  The past twelve months have been very hectic, very stressful. This time last year, I was starting my new old job, getting settled in a new place, and busily shopping to replace items that burned when the moving van caught fire.
By April, things were pretty well under control when my landlord called and said she was putting the house up for sale.  I offered to buy it, even signed my part of the contract, but then she turned around and raised the price!  I got mad and started house-hunting for myself.  Much of the time I spent driving around looking at houses, I did with my left arm in a cast.  In mid-June, I broke my arm near the wrist while playing my first softball game in a few years.
By mid-August, the cast was off, I had closed on a house, and was frantically getting rid of as much of the 70's decor as I could afford.  About this time, my work schedule also changed from night shift to swing shift as the news director assigned me to produce the brand new 7PM newscast.  The show itself is OK, but the shift is terrible - no time to get anything going in the morning; too late and too tired to do much of anything afterward.  The exercise that stopped due to the broken arm hasn't gotten started again.  I feel fat, tired, and stressed out.
But, on Monday, I go back to my old 2:30-11:30 p.m. shift.  I'm looking forward to that and to having time to get back to the gym on a regular basis.  I look forward to a normal 2005.  

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