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It's Always Something

Here's the thing about owning a home.  It's always something.  Nothing is ever perfect.  As soon as you take care of one thing, there's another thing.

Which is why, if you own a house, you gotta have a guy.

You may recall that last year, I had a contractor remodel my post-flood Seventies bathroom.  Well, recently, the recently installed toilet started having a problem.  Two problems, actually.  Water leaked out from the bottom, and there also seemed to be a small leak in the tank.

So, I called my guy.

My guy is great.  I hooked up with him when I was in the process of buying the house.  My realtor met him through another client, I think, and then she got him to come over to the soon-to-be my house to see what needed fixing.  Based on his estimates, I got some money knocked off the final sale price.  After the deal closed, I had him come over and fix the stuff.  After that, there was different stuff, so I just kept calling him.  From frozen pipes to sputtering lawnmowers, he's my guy.

Anyway, back to the toilet.  My guy came over yesterday and said the main problem with the toilet had to do with the wax ring that it sits on.  I gather that the one the contractor used wasn't big enough.  So, my guy went to get one that is big enough.  He came back, put in the ring, and re-seated the toilet.

That's when he realized that the base of the toilet isn't quite flush (I know) with the recently installed tile floor.  He says I need a shim.  And, some separate part to take care of the leak in the tank.  He needed to go get those.

I said, OK. But, why don't you come back in a couple days.  That's when another guy will be here to put in some replacement windows.

It's always something. 

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