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Is She for Real?

So, I watched "Survivor" tonight.  I missed the first 15-minutes because I was watching "Alias", which I taped last night.  But, I tuned in to see most of the reward challenge where the survivors had to guess which tribe member other tribe members picked as the answer to a variety of questions.  One question was "Which tribe member is the most annoying?" and the correct answer, as determined by all the tribe members was Courtney, the free-spirited fire dancer.  Courtney herself was annoyed by this answer because she also happened to be the answer to several other questions that had to do with a general level of flakiness.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Courtney quickly proved that the other survivors hit the nail on the head when they picked her as the most annoying.  Back at camp, just hours after the challenge, survivor Bruce curled up on the ground in pain.  Seems he had a major case of constipation.  Courtney, in her free-spirited, fire dancery way, knealt down by Bruce and started rubbing his back.  All nice and comforting - until she asked, "Would it help if I sang a song?"

"No!" said Bruce, with as much forcefullness as he could muster.

So, what does Courtney do?  Do I really have to tell you?

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