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Is It Starting Already?

I'm an Eagles fan, so this may be a bit of wishful thinking.  But, are there signs of T.O. trouble popping up in Big D, even before the 'Boys have played their first preseason game?

An article on began with the headline "Owens likely to miss first preseason game," which is scheduled for Saturday.  Then, it went on to explain how TO has some sort of hamstring injury, and how he is having his infamous hyperbaric oxygen chamber flown to his hotel at training camp in California.  A team of "specialists" is also coming in from Atlanta. 

In the article, TO is quoted as saying that Cowboys officials knew that one of TO's personal doc's examined him last week, but he wasn't sure if they knew about what the article called "the next wave of helpers."

TO said, "I have to do what's best for me regardless of what anybody thinks."

What does Coach Parcells think?  According to the article, Parcells answered most questions about Owens' health by saying he didn't know.

"I know everything I need to know," Parcells said. "Well, there's nothing more to know. Maybe not knowing exactly is all I'm capable of knowing at this point."

Parcells says he's taked to Owens' trainer, but not TO himself.  He also says that's how he (Parcells) typically deals with injuries.

We'll see.

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