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I See Dead People

This past week was rather slow.  Not much news to speak of.  At work, I'm busy preparing for our coverage of the upcoming election.  Most of the action would seem to be in Lackawanna County which has the most interesting commissioners' race, and which will be using optical scanners to count votes because the new electronic machines have been de-certified for what would appear to be a really stupid reason.  Anyway, it should be an eventful night.

It's been about a month now since my computer crash.  In that time, I have rebuilt (and backed up!) my music database.  This morning, I finished doing the same for my book collection.  My next project is to get my CV in order.

I also need to come up with a list of 20 people who just might die sometime in the next 12 months.  One of the guys at work is starting up a "Death Pool" and I'm in!  I was in one for a few years, but eventually I dropped out because I never won.  Hardly anyone on my list ever dropped dead.  I was like the angel of life.  If you were on my list, your chances of surviving were pretty good.  In fact, I think I personally kept Pope John Paul II alive for about three years.

Anyway, I've been out of the "Death Pool" loop for a while, so suggestions are welcome.

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