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I'm Still Here

Wow.  I know I've been kind of lame of late, but it's been about two weeks since I posted anything.  I even missed a music video weekend.  Shame on me.

My excuse is twofold.  First of all, Facebook is putting a serious dent in my blogging.  It's easier to post an article or make a quick comment on FB than it is on here.  But, I'm not ready to give this up just yet.

Secondly, I've been busy.  You may recall that I took a computer course at the local community college last fall.  It met two days a week and went pretty well.  So, I signed up for another computer course and a yoga class for the spring semester.  Each class meets two days a week, but not the same two days.  Long story short, I'm at school for four mornings each week, then working my regular night shift at the station.

I'm tired and am ready for the semester to be over.  I need to sleep.  And have some fun.  This tune by Noah and the Whale has been getting some regular airplay on my favorite college radio station.  Enjoy.

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