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I Am Not Making This Up

The following is an actual story, reported Wednesday by the AP:

Wis. police: Legless man steered truck drunk while his buddy worked
the pedals
      ABBOTSFORD, Wis. (AP) - Police in Wisconsin have cited a legless
man and his friend on a drunken driving charge, saying the amputee
was at the wheel while his friend worked the pedals.
      It was the third and second such arrests for the men,
      Police say the amputee was sitting in the driver's seat and told
officers he had too much to drink. But he argued he wasn't really
driving since the other man was on the brake and accelerator.
      Both men also were cited for driving after their licenses had
been revoked.
      Police say a third man in the truck, who was also drunk, walked
himself home after the traffic stop.

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