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JAMANI DRUMMERS: Saw this act at Musikfest. They're ladies from the Lehigh Valley channelling the rhythms of Africa and the Caribbean! They performed at Volksplatz.

VALERIE NICOLE: Also saw her at Musikfest. This singer/songwriter is from Berks County (if I recall correctly) and appeared at Leiderplatz. The video is from the year before when she also played Liederplatz. She says she has some deals in the works that sound like she might soon be heard on a commercial.

BEAUCOUP BLUE: I caught this act last year at Musikfest and, when I saw them on the bill again, I hustled on down to Liederplatz to see the show. They're a father/son duo from the Philly area. They've had a few supporting players both times I've seen them.

Also at Liederplatz, I caught a bit of this band, RADIO FREE EARTH. Check out their Web site and click on the podcasts to get a sample of what they're like.

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