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Heroin Hell

The heroin special assignment is finally going to air today - albeit in a much different form than I imagined.  Due to the influence of the EP and the Asst. ND, I ended up spending yesterday on the phone, talking to a lot of DAs and drug rehab types, hoping to get a new hook for the story.  Turns out, I got one!  It seems that many people who become heroin addicts start their life of substance abuse with underage drinking.  So, one county that has a heroin problem is now starting a massive campaign against underage drinking.  So, that will be the "new" part, then I have Jill's Healthwatch part about addiction, and Julie will do a story about recovery.  It should - and I say should - work out.
In other news, I'll be on the 5/5:30 for at least another week.  The new girl is doing well, but I think she would like me there just in case all hell breaks loose or something.  Honestly, I don't expect I'll have much to do.  Maybe I can go out with a photog or something and write an anchor pkg.

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