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Here's the Deal

Here is the story of my previously unknown and admittedly tenuous connection to a man who made his living, shall we say, by making movies for adults, and those films happen to feature men - and how I came to discover said connection.

It began a couple nights ago with what appeared to be a routine house fire in a part of our viewing area known as the Back Mountain.  Scanner chatter indicated that someone might be trapped in the house, but such chatter is not unsual and, in many cases, it proves not to be true.  In this case, however, it turned out that someone was, in fact, inside the house. 

The next day, Thursday, our reporters continued to follow the story.  The body inside the house had been so badly burned that dental records were needed for a positive ID.  It was eventually determined that the dead person in the house was the man who lived there.  But, an autopsy showed that the fire is not what killed him!  Someone had stabbed him and slashed his throat and then, apparently, set fire to the house.

On Thursday afternoon, more details about the victim emerged.  He made his living by making movies for adults, and those movies feature men.  Thanks to the Internet, his business was nationwide.  His business address was his home address.  He also had a "suite," which turned out to be a mailbox at the local package shipping store.  We also learned on Thursday that, about five years ago, the victim had been in trouble because he had a special friend who, it turned out was not quite old enough to legally be a special friend.

OK.  Fast forward to Friday and my late morning appointment for a haircut.  I ran a couple errands and arrived at the salon a few minutes early.  The woman who cuts my hair was sitting on a bench with another employee reading a newspaper account of the crime.  

Now.  Here's the connection.  It turns out that the woman who cuts my hair - also cut his hair!  I and a man who made his living by making movies for adults, and those films happen to feature men, had the same stylist!  How about that!  Imagine.  Me and a guy like that having a connection. Who knew?

Anyway, it seems that people at the salon did not know what this guy was up to.  He would mention taking business trips to Southern California, but he didn't get specific about what that business was.  when the aforementioned other employee (I think she's a color expert) found out from the newspaper article, she said, "I can't believe I touched him!"  It also seems that many of the people living in the victim's neighborhood didn't know what he was involved with.

All of which makes me wonder just how much I don't know about MY neighbors!

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