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Here's How I See It

I see that, at this point, there's less snow on the ground than I thought there might be.  So, I'll delay the shoveling for a little bit.

I didn't see last night's debate between Hillary and Barack, but I see that some folks who did see it saw the final handshake as some sort of signal of inevitability on Hillary's part - inevitability that Barack is going to be the nominee and not her.  Maybe it was a signal, maybe it wasn't.  But, I'm getting the feeling that the part about inevitability is true.

As I've noted before, I'm a registered Independent, so I have no vote in the April primary.  I'll also note that I'm not opposed to Obama.  After taking the Internet QUIZ which indicated that Ron Paul and I share a lot of views, I took THIS quiz.  The results showed that I'm in mostly in line with Hillary.  However, Barack was just one point behind.  So, should he be the Democratic nominee, I can live with that.  I think he's a smart guy.  And, we know that he won't be the worldwide linguistic embarrassment that Bush is.

Having said all that, I was really hoping for Hillary.  Maybe it's because she's a woman.  Maybe it's looking back on Bill's years in office with rose-colored glasses.  Maybe it's because I really think she could do the job.  But, it's looking more and more like she'll come up short in the race for the top spot.  Still, she can take satisfaction in being the first viable female candidate for president and, thanks to her, other women who run should be taken seriously (assuming that they're serious candidates, of course).  So, maybe Hillary won't be the first female US president but, even if she's not, she still made history.

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