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Good Start

I know it's early, but so far, so good for the Phightin' Phils. At 7-2, the team is off to its best start since 1993, when they went to the World Series. OK, so most of those 7 wins have come against the lowly Nationals (and the Phils let one slip away today) but, generally, it looks like this team will be able to hit its way to an NL East title at the very least.

The fact that they can hit (as they did last season) is a good sign because the pitching is slightly uncertain (as it was last season). So far, Roy Halladay is as advertised. He's gone deep into his two starts and given up few runs. The rest of the rotation, not so much. Cole Hamels seems to have picked up where he left off last year - throwing a lot of pitches early and giving up more runs than he should. He's won both of his starts so far, but that's only because, as I mentioned, this team can hit.

Kyle Kendrick and JA Happ have each had one good start and one not so good. Jamie Moyer's lone start went well for about four innings, bad for one, then OK for another inning or two. Again, with the exception of Halladay's starts, the bullpen has been worked hard in this early going and both losses have been tagged on relievers. The starters have to find a way to go deeper into games so the bullpen doesn't get burned out and the hitters don't stress themselves into a slump.

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