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Fun with Slugs

At work, we cover news stories, and each story is assigned a "slug," a short title that we in the newsroom use when referring to the story.  In most cases, the slug contains two elements - the first part is usually a reference to the geographical location, i.e. state, county or city; the second part describes what happened.

To keep the slugs as short as possible, we use a lot of abbreviations.  Here are some of the most common:

LACKA=Lackawanna County
LUZ=Luzerne County
NUMB=Northumberland County
LYC=Lycoming County

So, as an example, if Gov. Rendell came to Moosic (in Lackawanna County) with a check for some business development, the slug could be LACKA RENDELL or maybe LACKA BIZ.

With that it mind, here are some of the more humorous slugs that we've used:

WAYNE GARTH - for a story about a high school athlete who passed through Wayne County on a cross-state run to raise money for a new track at his high school.

LACKA SEX - for stories that involve various sex-related crimes in Lackawanna County.  (This slug occurs fairly often, as do NUMB SEX and LYC SEX)

NUMB SKULL - for a story about a skull that turned up somewhere in Northumberland County.

And, the recent slug that made me think of writing this post in the first place.  The story was about some Catholic sisters who are moving out of their convent in Elysburg.  Can you guess?


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