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Free at Last!

I am no longer employed as a freelance technical writer.  I finished a section of the 2nd project, then told the guy that was it.  The work was going so slowly that MAYBE I would have finished it by August.  Anyway, he seemed cool about it.  Now I can spend the next few weeks judging Mensa newsletters.  Wooo Hooo!

I may be free, but the same cannot be said for Hugo Selenski.  Yesterday, a jury found our photogenic murder suspect "not guilty" of killing two suspected drug dealers.  Their burned bodies were found in his backyard.  Fortunately, there were other bodies also found in the backyard.  So, as soon as Selenski was found not guilty, he got charged with two more murders and had his ass sent right back to jail.  I've already put in my request to field produce the next trial - whenever that is!

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