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Flooding Anniversary

We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of what my station has dubbed "The Floods of Oh-Six."  Sometimes, for variety's sake, we call it "the June fooding," but that will have to stop as soon as the current month of June ends.  In any case, it's a reference to the flooding that hit NEPA last year at the end of June.

In the Wilkes-Barre area, there were memories of Agnes and fears that the Susquehanna River would rise higher than the 41' now protected by the dike.  Ultimately, the river topped out around 34', but people living in certain areas were told to evacuate just in case.

I wrote about my experience HERE.

Speaking of Agnes, this weekend is the 35th anniversary of the flooding that devastated the Wyoming Valley.

I was only five years old during Agnes and living in an area that, as far as I know, didn't see a lot of flooding.  But, I do have a vague memory of a lot of rain.  I seem to recall asking my mother "Where is all this rain coming from?"  The answer, "Agnes."

HERE is some background info about the storm.  I haven't been able to find any pictures that show my current house in 1972, but I know it was hit. (The fact that I don't have flood insurance is one indication of how things have changed since then.  The dike has been raised to 41', and that's why I wasn't required to get the insurance.  HERE is a link to some other changes that have taken place after Agnes.)

Anyway, I was looking for some photographs on the web, and came across a couple of interesting things.  THIS LINK and THIS ONE have lots of contemporary photos and articles from that time.  And, HERE is a link to a special that WCAU-TV in Philadelphia did during the floods in 1972.  The special includes aerials of Wilkes-Barre along with pictures from Harrisburg and the Philly suburbs.  And, HERE is a recent story done by the folks at my former station to mark the 35th anniversary of Agnes.

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